"Through his many years of experience, Mark Stansberry successfully challenges us
toward developing a comprehensive American energy plan."

—Bill Anoatubby
Governor, the Chickasaw Nation

"The fact, as the book points out, that there has never been an energy plan for America is a serious concern
for every American. If we, as a nation, are to survive, we need a plan for making our nation energy independent,
using our natural resources such as natural gas but primarily wind, sun, and water. If not, we will continue t
be caught in conflicts and wars for generations to come."

—Woodrow W. Clark II, MA, PhD
Qualitative economist, Clark Strategic Partners; Co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

"America’s energy policy cannot simply be cheap energy. Mark Stansberry tells us how to break out
and assume an energy-secure and dynamic future economy."

—Frank Keating
Governor of Oklahoma, 1995–2003 President, American Bankers Association

"More than ever energy is a key strategic issue for America. Mark Stansberry knows the subject well,
and he is an experienced person in national public policy and its implementation. This book clarifies ways
forward and is an excellent guide for citizens and policy-makers alike. "

—Michael Warder
Vice chancellor, Pepperdine University

"Now is the time to act, and this book moves us toward action."

—Ambassador James Jones
Former Congressman, chairman of the American Stock Exchange, and US ambassador to Mexico

"Mark Stansberry has illuminated the energy issues from all sides, which not only increases the reader’s
awareness and education, but provides a necessary call to action as to what one individual can do
to make energy more available, environmentally friendly, and affordable."

—Dennis McCuistion
Executive director, Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance, University of Texas at Dallas

"A national energy policy—what a concept! Mark Stansberry gets it! Mark is a brilliant energy thought leader
and an articulate author whose ideas are timely and important for our nation's global competitiveness."

—Richard P. Rush
Chairman, Rush Strategies

"America Needs America's Energy challenges us to achieve energy independence.
This book should be at the forefront of debate when it comes to our energy future."

—Jose Beceiro
Director of clean energy and economic development, Austin Chamber of Commerce

"Mark Stansberry's book America Needs America’s Energy is a must-read,
a necessary formula for our very survival. And we have no time to waste!"

—William S. Banowsky
Former president, Gaylord Broadcasting

"America Needs America’s Energy should be read by all concerned citizens and office holders."

—Michael C. Carnuccio
President, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Inc.

"America Needs America’s Energy if we are going to continue providing food for America's tables at the
most affordable cost found anywhere in the world. We must continue to research all types and
forms of energy to assure energy independence for future generations."

—Terry Detrick
President, American Farmers and Ranchers, third generation farmer and rancher

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