"As Mark states, 'The time has come for all of us, the people, to take control of our energy future here in America.' He and I have discussed the importance of moving inevitably toward a hydrogen economy. I believe, after reviewing all the energy options presented in his book, it should move us closer to achieving that possibility. The future is now for us and our children. We cannot wait any longer. "

—Woodrow W. Clark II, MA, PhD
Qualitative economist, Clark Strategic Partners;
Corecipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

It's time for an energy revolution!

Gasoline prices have been rising and oil supply disruptions are in question. This is old news, yet nothing has been done to change it. That is because it takes people like you stepping up and getting involved, and Mark A. Stansberry is here to show you how. In his latest book, America Needs America's Energy, Stansberry offers a frank discussion of the issues at hand, as well as realistic, achievable solutions. America cannot move forward without your involvement and your commitment to develop an energy plan. Presented in direct, no-nonsense language and containing a glossary, sample forms, and other resources on things you need to know about America's energy situation, America Needs America's Energy is both a great go-to guide for learning about energy solutions and a wonderful launchpad for how to move forward together in creating the People's Energy Plan.

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